Alpha & Omega Bible Camp

Founded in the backyard of Oscar and Elena León in Oaxaca City, Alpha and Omega was officially inaugurated on July 6, 2013. Alpha and Omega Bible Camp is located in San Miguel Albarradas in the mountains about three hours’ drive from Oaxaca City, Mexico. The primary focus of Alpha and Omega Bible Camp has been Native Mexican villages. So far, children’s and young adult camps have brought together four dialects of Zapotec and two dialects of Chatino-speaking peoples. We praise God for how many children and teens become Christ-followers and take the Gospel back to their homes!

Gerry Morales continues to be camp coordinator and Oliver Gallardo, his nephew, the camp director. Oliver was a camper when the camp started and grew up attending camp every year. Now, both Gerry and Bertha Morales and Oliver Gallardo are full-time UIM Missionaries!