Rock Nest Ranch

The property known as Rock Nest Ranch was a ranch owned by a First Nations family. RNR is located at Dunalter Lake in the area of Barrett Hat, a hill that the First Nations described as a rock nest. Dunalter Lake was a popular stopping point for the wagons as they traveled to and from the villages of Hazelton to Houston. Many people enjoyed a stop at the lake to sip some Pine Peelings Tea.

In the spring of 1974 five bunkhouses and the dining hall were moved to the Dunalter Lake site. With the girls in a bunkhouse and the guys in tents, RNR began its camping program. That summer marked the beginning of camping here at Rock Nest Ranch. For the first three years there was no running water in camp.

Rock Nest Ranch now enjoys fifteen cabins, an A-frame gym, modern shop facilities, a central shower house, and a new lodge that is 90% complete on 80 acres of land. Oh yeah, we now have running water.

2016 Camp Schedule